My uncle Greg is the one that asked me that question earlier today. “Are you packed?” “Nope,” I replied. He quickly returned, “What?!?!?! I have been prepping for this trip for a year.” I didn’t know what else to say, but “I will be ready.” Don’t get me wrong, I have prepped, I have planned, but my focus has really been on the pilgrimage group. Now my thoughts float to my personal preparation.

Two days to Spain and I haven’t a thing packed. Not even a sock. However, my heart is starting to flutter, to race. I can feel the anticipation of the pilgrimage. The feeling is similar to when I would run hurdles for the track team at Centre Junior High. Before you started your sprint, there were about two minutes where you were waiting for the starting gun. You are ready for the race, but for those long 120 seconds, you can’t do anything. Just wait and try to calm the butterflies in your stomach. That is where I am right now.

It is appropriate that I bring up my Uncle Greg before we depart. He has always shown great interest in this pilgrimage and we talked about it in length before and after our 2021 Camino. At some point last year, he told me that his plan was to go in 2022 with his son Ivan. I saw my own situation and I saw his and I thought to myself how many other guys would want this too? Turns out a lot and now we are on the precipice of taking 31 folks across the ocean to do just that. He really is the inspiration for this Father and Son Camino. I am beyond excited. Thank you Uncle Greg. I’ll see you in Spain.