I have been worrying about this day for about 6 months. This particular day. June 2nd, 2022. Ever since we set the dates for the trip I knew this would be the killer day. The ascent to O’Cebreiro is as hard as it comes. Compounding that is the fact that it is one of the longest. Worse still, most of the way is pretty flat and then you are greeted by a very sharp ascent for the last third. Like I said, it’s a killer.

Today I can be nothing but thankful for the grace of God for the safety of the pilgrims and the fortitude that they all displayed today. Quite frankly it was inspiring. Old and young, big and small they all made it. In the case of my uncle Greg he is a little of both. I’m really not sure there is another Jirak brother that could have climbed this mountain (well there goes my inbox). Praised be God for our success today.

Uncle Greg (right) and son (Ivan)

It is literally all downhill from here. I can’t wait to be passed by a biker going 80km/hr.