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2705, 2022

How are you gonna get that on a plane?

One thing that struck me about our pilgrimage last year was the small percentage of Catholics on the Camino.  Don't get me wrong, we had a presence, but we were certainly the small minority.  [...]

2905, 2022

Are you packed? Nope.

My uncle Greg is the one that asked me that question earlier today. “Are you packed?” “Nope,” I replied. He quickly returned, “What?!?!?! I have been prepping for this trip for a year.” I didn’t [...]

3105, 2022

One Roof

Today we left. Today I left Blaise. Since our marriage almost 20 years ago, my wife, myself and all of our kids, Blaise included, have lived under one roof. Different addresses over the years, but [...]

106, 2022

Making new connections

Making friends is hard. I don’t care how much of an extrovert you are. I really think you need some common thread to bond you together. Some experience, some cause. Early in my life that [...]

206, 2022

No more maybes

One day on the trail and the Camino is already ready to teach. A few hours into today’s walk I was able to meet Marieka (green jacket in photo above) from Western Germany. She had [...]

306, 2022

It’s all downhill from here!

I have been worrying about this day for about 6 months. This particular day. June 2nd, 2022. Ever since we set the dates for the trip I knew this would be the killer day. [...]

406, 2022

Jackie’s Dilemma

You know when you write a blog entry and declare unilateral success, and then you wake up and get humbled almost as soon as you hit save? Today was supposed to be an easy day [...]

506, 2022

Watching the Master

I’ve always known my brother-in-law Mike to be a master conversationalist. Today, I got to see him work his magic again and again. My nephew John remarked that he really appreciates this quality about [...]

606, 2022

The most beautiful moment I have ever had on the Camino

7:29pm: Two priest and a young man holding our Cross of St. James stand at the back of St. Nicholas in Portomarin. 7:30pm: Love Divine, All Loves Excelling echoes throughout the 11th century church, dominated [...]

706, 2022

Carrying the Cross

Gratitude is the feeling that I sit with tonight. The willingness of everyone to share their talents has been overwhelming. It feels like stewardship in a real and deep way. Everyone is contributing their [...]

806, 2022

Camino Legs

I've heard a lot of discussion in the group lately about getting our “Camino Legs.” Getting your “Camino Legs” is when your body has adjusted to the daily routine and beating it gets every day. [...]

906, 2022

The view from a thousand feet

Today was our last long day of walking. We had to go about 30k today. Tomorrow, we will arrive in Santiago early in the day after finishing our 10k walk. Many dads were spending a [...]

1006, 2022

It is finished

Ending is weird. The Camino is so about the journey that by the time you get there, it is a little, well, weird. It is not a race, so it isn’t like you are looking [...]

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