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Pilgrimage Blog

2505, 2023

The Early Pilgrim

Today, we greeted the dawn much earlier.  By 6:00 am we were up and ready to begin anew. The sun rose in tandem with our spirits. Rather than battling against time, today we were its [...]

2605, 2023

Smashing all my previous advice

A few months back I turned 42.  At this middle age, you know that your peak performance has passed.  You know that you have something still left in the tank, but you look at yourself [...]

2805, 2023

70k in One Day (45 miles)

Our second and third day of the day commenced after I had thought I had closed the book on this preposterous idea.  There was no getting around the fact that even if we got to [...]

2908, 2023

Sample Parish Bulletin Announcements

<< Back to the CFA Media Kit Short Version Father & Son Camino Join fellow Fathers and Sons on a spiritual and transformative 15-day pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago. Guided by Al Jirak [...]

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