Pilgrimage Packing List

These will be the tools that you will use to conquer the trial.  Mile after mile.  Day after day.  Below are some of the essentials that we recommend.  As a good rule of thumb try to keep your back at less than 10% of your body weight.

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  • Hiking shoes (I used HOKA from REI, but any trail runner should work for most).  Some like a more substantial book.  
    • Make sure you break them in before the trip
  • Non hiking footwear (sandals, flipflops)
  • 3 sets of socks (extra pair allows you to change them in the middle of the day)
    • Blister socks are great (Wrightsocks)
    • Can also use two-pair sock system
      • A thin inner sock (aka sock liner) made from silk, nylon, polyester, or wool
      • A thicker outer sock. This sock should be wool (Smartwool or Merino wool)

Phone Items

  • International phone voice/data plan
    • Most Albergues have WiFi
    • Make sure it is compatible with Spain networks
    • Possible to buy in Airport with a set data limit
  • Whats App
    • Free text messenger service that everyone in Europe uses
    • We will also probably use it for group messages
  • Camino Ninja
    • Trail Details for every step along the way
  • All Trails App
    • Offline maps